I wanted to try gardening – the only problem was the lack of a ‘garden’. Not to be deterred I set about taking over balcony space outside our flat in the middle of a town. I made mistakes: I killed flowers, failed to successfully grow vegetables, wrecked seedlings, over- and under-watered to name but a few hiccups. And despite all my attempts at reading up about what to do, somehow I managed to make all of these errors.

What went wrong? There were a number of reasons: doing too much too fast, over-watering when I had forgotten to water for days before, over-sewing seeds etc. But by far the biggest issue I found was no matter how much of a beginner’s guide books, articles and website claimed to be, I still found myself confused. Overloaded with information, and struggling to filter out the bits I needed to know. Desperately trying to work out why my plants had gone that colour, or what I needed to do to prepare the soil etc.

So that’s how this blog has evolved. From my complete ignorance (a state I still must claim to be in), I have decided to document my gardening journey. The successes, the failures, the frustrations and elation all recorded and written about. I will use my own personal examples from the balcony I have pots on as well as the allotment I acquired a few months ago to provide some tips, information and examples. From this, hopefully someone will be able to get something from the information provided.

And remember, I am ‘gardening’ in both an allotment as well as pots on the balcony. The information I am providing can be used for both these purposes as well as some for if you are lucky enough to have a garden. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to post.

And remember, you will make mistakes, but you will also find a joy and love of hard work turning into something special you could enjoy every month of the year.


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