Weeds, Sunburn and a Garden Fork

Realising what I had taken on, I soon endeavored to get busy with digging. The first chance I had I took a week’s leave from work and spent three days at the allotment. I was determined to prove the wife wrong – it was no big deal and wouldn’t take long to clear the forest of weeds….

I was, of course, the one in the wrong. After three solid days of digging each weed out with a garden fork, I had cleared 60% of only the larger section of the allotment Continue reading


What is it all About?

I wanted to try gardening – the only problem was the lack of a ‘garden’. Not to be deterred I set about taking over balcony space outside our flat in the middle of a town. I made mistakes: I killed flowers, failed to successfully grow vegetables, wrecked seedlings, over- and under-watered to name but a few hiccups. And despite all my attempts at reading up about what to do, somehow I managed to make all of these errors.

What went wrong? There were a number of reasons: doing too much too fast, over-watering when I had forgotten to water for days before, over-sewing seeds etc. But by far the biggest issue I found was no matter how much of a beginner’s guide books, articles and website claimed to be, I still found myself confused.

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