Weeds, Sunburn and a Garden Fork

Realising what I had taken on, I soon endeavored to get busy with digging. The first chance I had I took a week’s leave from work and spent three days at the allotment. I was determined to prove the wife wrong – it was no big deal and wouldn’t take long to clear the forest of weeds….

I was, of course, the one in the wrong. After three solid days of digging each weed out with a garden fork, I had cleared 60% of only the larger section of the allotment Continue reading


Allotment Apocalypse!

I’d given gardening a go and although I had killed quite a few plants, there were many successes too! Through experience, constant mistakes and trial and error I had learnt a lot the hard way. I had sought help from my Nan, stealing many plants and phoning every other day to check everything was how it should be. Her wealth of gardening knowledge helped me no-end! She had provided tomatoes, potatoes and many cuttings which thrust a lot of welcome responsibility on me. I had been given  a wealth of advice from my Father-in-Law and taken cuttings from his garden too. It was safe to say I had the gardening bug – I was hooked. Continue reading